If it tastes so good, why are you eating it so fast??

Why are you eating it so fast?

Why are you racing through it?

Actually, there are a lot of reasons why we might find something delicious and still want to eat it really fast. Below are the six reasons I see most often.

so good so fast pin (1).png
so good so fast pin (1).png

# 1 Fear or Stress-Based response.

If you’re eating fast, it’s because your body perceives itself in some sort of stress response. That can mean either an external stressor or an internal stressor. So, as you’re eating, this may be happening below the surface of your awareness. You may have this deep fear of not having enough. So it’s this scarcity fear, that is showing up for you.

#2 — Guilt/Shame

The second one is another really base emotion. It sits deep in terms of our relationship with food. And that often has to do with feelings of guilt, or the belief that you shouldn’t be eating this.

#3 — Fear of getting caught.

If you eat something really fast, nobody can catch you in the act, right?

# 4 — Eating while Distracted

Example: Eating when you’re driving. Admit it, we’ve all done it.

#5 — You love the food but it also makes you feel sick.

Your favorite food may be pizza but you also know whenever you eat it, you’ll be looking forward to some long bouts of indigestion or reflux or other physical manifestations. It’s hard to reconcile that a food that tastes so good to you can make you feel so awful. You may even wonder what it says about you that you eat it anyway in spite of this. Eating it quickly is a coping mechanism, representing the conflicting and confusing emotions this brings up for you.

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